About Jennifer

jen-bikeHaving been involved in sport for many years, whether that be riding and competing horses for more than twenty years, or finding a new passion; cycling and racing triathlon over the previous four years, I have a keen interest in working in the health and fitness industry. My passion for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries/conditions has brought me clientele from a broad range of professions and sporting backgrounds. My knowledge of the neuro/muscular and soft tissue system allows me to perform pre and post workout massages, as well as treat occupational related problems and sport specific injuries before they become too painful and debilitating.

I’m a member of the cycling team Strategic Lions, and helped crew the winning team from Great Britain in the RAAM (Race Across America) the World’s toughest cycling endurance race (3,000miles) in 2011. In 2012 I helped crew the world record holding four man team in the RAI (Race Around Ireland) Europe’s toughest endurance race (2,190km).

My experience is not limited to competitive athletes but also with office and trade based personnel, easing the pain brought on by stress, poor posture, long hours spent at the wheel/desk and day to day injuries.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to benefit from a sports massage treatment!

When you come for an appointment you will receive a treatment specific to your needs, be it relaxation or injury management. One of the main reasons my clients return time and time again is my ability to find the cause of a problem, explain and treat it effectively. You will receive treatment from an experienced therapist who uses a range of soft tissue techniques to maximise your improvement.

Some of the clients I have
worked with:

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