The protective tape may provide support in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation by:

  • Supporting an injured area and preventing further injury e.g. in the case of strains and sprains
  • Decompressing swollen areas
  • Facilitating a weak muscle
  • Inhibiting tired or overactive muscles
  • Aiding lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema
  • Correcting postural imbalances or gait problems
  • Giving you confidence when you return to activity
  • Releasing restrictions in the fascia or connective tissues and easing pain

The tension that is used when applying the tape is also important. Taping can support a weak muscle or joint or act to decompress the area to relieve pain and swelling.

Kinesiology taping may be a very effective way to ease symptoms of many injuries and can be used during the acute, sub acute and chronic stages of healing. It may also enhance athletic performance and can even stay on through sweating, sport and swimming.

Who Is It For?

Kinesiology taping is used on anyone from office workers and athletes to pregnant ladies.

Please note: If the area to be taped is quite hairy, then please shave or wax, ideally a couple of days before you are taped.

How Does It Work?

Special hypoallergenic elastic adhesive tapes are used on the muscles or joints, increasing stability, but at the same time, allowing circulation and allowing the body to continue to move through its full range of movement. The tape feels surprisingly comfortable too.

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